Meet Dr Alexander Timms

Dr Alexander Timms

Dentist, BDSc (Honours)(Qld)

Dr Timms was born and bred locally in Queensland. From a young age, he opted to pursue his interest in the dentistry field, choosing to study at the University of Queensland and then proceeding to practice at local clinics. Even today, he is committed to continuing his professional development and staying up to date with the latest technology. It’s not just his extensive dental knowledge that makes Dr Timms a well-liked dentist among Nambour patients – it’s also his gentle manner when conducting treatment and his desire to keep patients comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. Dr Timms has a genuine passion for his work and truly aims to improve the lives of all his patients. When away from the clinic, Dr Timms spends majority of his time following sport or wetting a line if conditions suit.

Special Interests:

  • General dentistry and preventative care
  • Dental prosthetics including dentures, crowns and bridges