A minimum of 4 dental implants are placed into the jaw supporting a fully fixed set of teeth.

What is All-on-4® or All-on-X?

The All-on-4® treatment concept can be applied when someone is edentulous (missing all their teeth). A minimum of 4 dental implants are placed into the jaw supporting a fully fixed set of teeth. Because it is a minimum of 4 implants, in some circumstances where the jaw is wider, 5 or 6 implants may be placed. Hence the term All-on-X as well.

The advantage to this concept is the ability to acquire a fixed set of teeth onto the implants within 24-48 hours after the implants are placed. Traditionally more than three months is required to wait for healing of the dental implants before the teeth can be placed. However, because there are a minimum of 4 implants in this scenario, there is more support and hence teeth are able to be acquired sooner.

The advantage of having a full set of fixed teeth on dental implants as opposed to a full denture can be read about in our section for missing teeth.

Procedure sequence

At your first appointment we will meet with you and make sure you understand what is involved in the All-on-4® process. A thorough check of the implant site will be conducted to determine the best treatment option. We will also take X-rays and prescribe a 3D CBCT scan to plan your implant digitally.
At this appointment we will remove any remaining teeth and place the dental implants. At the same appointment we will take impressions/mould of the implants and also try-in the new set of teeth. These impressions are then sent to the laboratory for them to make finishing adjustment to your set of new teeth.
This appointment is generally 24-48 hours after the implant surgery. We will insert your new set of teeth! Congratulations! Within 1-2 days you have now undergone an amazing transformation and have a new smile to be proud of. These set of teeth are generally designed to last 3-9months and act as a long-term prototype or interim set of teeth while the implants and gums are healing. They are generally made from 3D printed acrylic as opposed to the final set which is generally made from ceramics.
This appointment is generally 3-4months after the surgery depending on the treatment plan. At this appointment we take final impressions to capture the shape of the gums that have healed after surgery and start the process to make you your final set of teeth which are generally made from ceramics.
You may require this appointment to make any final adjustment to the shape and position of the final teeth. Think of this as an architect’s render to check how the final product will look like.
Can they look even better? Yes! Your final set of teeth are now inserted and you can be the best version of yourself!

Dental Impants Before & After

All-on-X/All-on-4 Implants on the laboratory made models showing zero flange and no palatal extension.
Before & After all on 4 treatment

All-on-X/All-on-4 Implants in the mouth. No palatal extension and no flange. Ensuring maximum comfort for chewing and tasting foods.

How much does All-on-4® cost?

At Coronation House Dentist Nambour, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our costs. For an accurate quote please book a consultation with one of our dentists to enquire more about your specific situation.