Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you looking to remove wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth typically begin growing in the teenage years and may continue into a person’s late 20s. Some wisdom teeth don’t come through fully and get stuck against nearby teeth or bones.

Removal of wisdom teeth is a general procedure. Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to appear through the gums. Wisdom teeth removal should usually be performed as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

Thankfully, removing wisdom teeth is a relatively standard dental procedure, and Coronation House Dentists are here to make it quick and painless.

The Importance Of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are a set of molars situated in the back of your mouth’s upper and lower parts. A wisdom tooth that is impacted can be treated by having it removed. Approximately 85% of people eventually need to have their wisdom teeth removed. Most frequently beginning at age 17, surgeries start in their teens or early 20s.

It is proven that wisdom tooth extractions guard against periodontal disease. If not treated, it may lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and damage to the surrounding teeth because they are much harder to keep clean.

Fortunately, removal has no adverse effects on one’s ability to talk, chew, or swallow properly. Even if there are no experiencing symptoms, dentists will still suggest removal to prevent problems in the future.

Symptoms Of Wisdom Teeth Coming In

Symptoms Of Wisdom Teeth Coming In

Every time someone feels pain or discomfort in their mouth, they should visit a dentist.

You can detect the growth of your wisdom teeth without an X-ray if you start experiencing any uncomfortable symptoms. These may consist of the following:

  • gum swelling that typically occurs behind your second teeth
  • jaw ache
  • painful or bleeding gums
  • extending your mouth widely with difficulty
  • an unpleasant aftertaste
  • poor breath

Do’s And Don’ts After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Bone loss will start to occur in the area as soon as 4 weeks which will cause a sunken effect look in the gums.

1. Rest

Take rest over the next couple of days. You may feel better to carry on as usual, but it’s essential to rest for a fast recovery.

2. Eat On The Other Side

Eat with your mouth on the opposite side. Although it might seem simple, it’s crucial to avoid disturbing.

3. Dentists Advice For Taking Pain Medication

Your dentist will likely prescribe you some pain medication, so follow their instructions closely, especially if using over-the-counter painkillers.

4. Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth as normal is essential, but try to brush the teeth carefully around the wound site so as not to let bacteria build up and cause an infection.


1. Don’t Consume Hot Foods Or Liquids

Hot meals may disturb tissue healing over the extraction sockets, causing excessive bleeding. Therefore, hot food and beverages should be avoided after wisdom teeth removal.

2. Don’t Smoke

Smoking can cause hypoxia, a condition where your tissues don’t get enough oxygen to recover correctly. So avoid smoking for a few days.

3. Don’t Use Any Straws

The sucking motion of using a straw can irritate your extraction site by stopping a blood clot from forming, which is necessary for the wound to heal.

Your wisdom teeth are probably to blame if you now have jaw pain or discomfort, bleeding gums around your back teeth, bad breath, or recurrent sore throats. To avoid this problem, we are here to help you. Wisdom teeth removal is made easy with Coronation House Dentists.

At Coronation House Dentists, we are a team of well-trained Dentists and Dental nurses. We are happy to serve quality with our dentistry and patient care. For more information, contact us to explore all our services.

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