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All images shown are of actual cases performed by clinicians at Coronation House Dentist Nambour.

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We learn about your issues, how your smile impacts you, and what we can do to give you the smile of your dreams.
We take pictures of your teeth, evaluate their condition, and offer advice based on our observations.
Once we are aware of your needs and our capabilities, we will offer you a tailored quote to your situation that includes a payment plan and third-party payment choices to assist you in achieving your goals.
If you’re satisfied with the plan to give you a beautiful smile and the quote, we offer you to come and attend a FREE second consultation when we present a mockup done for you, which contains impressions and images to show you how your new smile will appear on you.

One of our most frequent scheduling requests is for a smile makeover consultation; ordinarily, we charge for these. However, the first 20 people...

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What is a smile makeover?

Dental Impants After 1Dental Impants Before 1
Dental Impants After 4Dental Impants Before 4
Dental Impants After 8Dental Impants Before 8

Our Smile Makeover is our signature procedure and our most popular
because it gets noticeable results.

Everything begins with a consultation during which we fully learn your primary issues and goals to develop a plan that is both affordable and gives you outstanding results. We take pictures of your teeth to assess their general condition, and if you are interested, we schedule a second, complimentary visit to perform a mockup and demonstrate how your new smile will seem on you.

To help you attain your ideal smile, we offer a variety of restorative and aesthetic procedures. Every smile makeover journey is different. Therefore our dentists may advise one or several methods to help you get the best results possible. Cosmetic veneers, Zoom teeth whitening, white fillings, and porcelain crowns are some accessible procedures.

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We will go through all your problems and advise you on what we can do to help you with your smile during the 30-minute session.
All our tools and technology are reliable, modern and unfailing. Our team purchased equipment carefully and picked items to help us fulfil our goal of providing compassionate, efficient dental treatment.

Prices vary depending on the outcome you want, but we take pleasure in providing an affordable dental service and making sure that all of our customers have access to a variety of reasonable treatment alternatives.

For individuals who are serious about making progress, the Smile Makeover consultation is free and includes a free second session. We also provide numerous payment choices to aid each person on their journey.

Some of the treatments included in our smile makeover are listed below:

Our Dental Services


Dental crowns are a like a ‘helmet’ or ‘cap’ that is hand-made to fit your existing tooth perfectly. It is designed to protect teeth that are prone to breaking or from further fracture which may result in the tooth being extracted. Dental crowns are for patients who have: Root canal therapy, Large dental fillings or Severe tooth decay.

Wisdom Teeth

In the late teenage years, wisdom teeth can start to be a problem. Often there isn’t enough space in the jaw to accommodate them and they end up impacted. In most cases we can remove these wisdom teeth painlessly under local anaesthetic. We also offer IV sedation (LINK) or Happy Gas to give you a calm, relaxing stress-free experience.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in the Sunshine Coast? Coronation House dentist has been providing the region of Nambour, Burnside, Woombye, Yandina and other surrounding regions of the Sunshine Coast with the very best cosmetic dentistry since 1964.

Orthodontics / Braces

Many people develop misalignment in their teeth and jaws (what dentists call “malocclusions”) from a young age which may negatively impact self esteem, quality of life and may even result in other conditions such as speech difficulties. This is the value of orthodontics. Orthodontics corrects misalignment which in turn enhances your attractive smile and quality of life that will last a lifetime (provided you properly care for your teeth).

Dental Impants

A dental implant is the best thing you can get to replacing a natural tooth. Dental implants are made out of titanium one of the most bio-compatible materials. At Coronation House Dentist Nambour we provide the full range of implant treatment options including: single dental implants, dental implant bridges, and full arch dental bridges like All on 4.


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With flexible payment plans to your needs, you may start working towards your smiling goals immediately.
You won’t find a friendlier or more welcoming group than us.
We are dedicated to offering a strategy that functions for you.
We Go the Extra Mile to make people happy because we love doing it!

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